May 1, 2017

Coffee - Throughgood Coffee - 27th Street at Durham/Shepherd

There is a new coffee shop near 610 on 27th between Durham and Shepherd called Throughgood Coffee. It was set up to donate a portion of the profits to social projects to benefit the poor. Their website notes the following:

Over 25 years ago we began serving hot meals to homeless women and men in downtown
Houston who were in hopes of a better life. Today the organization that we
founded (Temenos Community Development Corporation) provides housing to
previously homeless people and is focused on restoring the dignity of every
resident through an extensive number of supportive services. A portion of the
proceeds from Throughgood Coffee goes to initiatives designed to empower
persons who are transitioning from challenged lives to their next level of

It is an excellent and recommended spot for coffee. I had a drip coffee today and got to sample their Espresso Old Fashioned which I believe barista Rodolfo perfected for them. Single estate espresso over orange zest with bitters and whiskey extracted vanilla. Wow.

On a previous day, I observed barista Ryan working out the optimum grind for the particular espresso they were using, working through the grind size, the weight of the extraction, and the timing of the extraction. What a pleasure to observe someone with that type of commitment to the craft.

But I can't get it out of my head, thinking, "George Throughgood and the Destroyers" every time I walk in. Your baristas: Rodolfo and Ryan.

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