December 1, 2018

"Outside the Loop" - Your Day Trip to Waller

"We don't really like any of the Mexican restaurants here in Hempstead that much. We prefer to drive over to Waller to eat at Ranchito or Cielito Lindo." (This, from a conversation I had with a Hempstead local few weeks back, and a mental note to make a road trip out to Waller soon. Today was the day. I had made one attempt a week ago but the 290 traffic was brutal.)

And so, as part of a project I am doing to find some retro, circa 60's Tex-Mex combo plates, I set out to check out these two places. First stop was The Ranchito and the second was Cielito Lindo (pretty little cloud). Sadly, neither was OMG wonderful. 

I then went on an explore of Waller, finding the crazy WARM 2nd hand store and few other things. 

It's a small town. Whereas in the past, one would pass right through Hockley and Waller en route to Hempstead/Brenham, 290 now bypasses the town(s). I heard more Spanish than English at the Arlen's Supermarket and downtown here today.

(Double click on the photos to see a larger version)

The Ranchito. Lots and lots of quick melt yellow cheese and just a smidgeon of chili gravy on the combo. A soft tortilla for the ground beef taco. I discovered that the Waller location was actually #6 and that there are others right here in Houston.

Cielito Lindo was a larger restaurant. Newer. Done in an adobe/stucco motif.

I came across the WARM 2nd hand store. This place was like an elephants graveyard of stuff...where the stuff, you know,  that never gets sold at every other 2nd hand store, seemed to end up here. It was wall to wall of this and that.

The La Potosina Carnicería. If you plan to make tamales, be sure to get this kind of lard. It will add so much flavor to your tamale masa.

An old foot bridge.

Some random photos.

"Double Wide Trailer Home" (Texas Style).

What's in your front yard?

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