December 1, 2018

Mexican - (Your Guide to My Favorite Cookbooks on Mexican Food and Tex-Mex)

As I've mentioned in other blogposts, Mexico has a special place in my heart. The people. The culture. The food. Mexican cuisine is the one that I am most familiar with and some friends say, most adept at. If you live in Houston, please note that I offer hands-on cooking classes in my home and food tours of Houston markets for a nominal charge. 

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Here, then,  is a list of my favorite (and recommended) cookbooks if you are planning to start making Mexican food at home. 

These should all be available from Amazon. But, I recommend you see if you can find them at Casa Ramirez on 19th Street in the Heights, as then you will be supporting a very fine local business.

The Art of Mexican Cooking
Diana Kennedy

Classic Tex-Mex

Jim Peyton

Food From My Heart

Zarela Martinez

The Food and Life of Oaxaca

Zarela Martinez

The Homesick Texan

Lisa Fain

Los Chiles Rellenos de Mexico

(Don't is in English and Spanish)
Ricardo Muñoz Zurita

Mexico - One Plate at a Time

Rick Bayless

The Mexican Gourmet

María Dolores Torres Yzabal and Shelton Wiseman

Naturally Healthy Mexican Cooking
Jim Peyton

Seasons of My Heart

Susana TrillingThe Tex-Mex Cookbook
Robb Walsh

Tacopedia - The Taco Encyclopedia

Déborah Holtz and Juan Carlos Mena

Tacos - Recipes and Provocations

Alex Stupak and Jordana Rothman

The Texas Provincial Kitchen

Melissa Guerra

Truly Mexican
Roberto Santibañez and JJ Goode

Truly Texas Mexican

Adán Medrano

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