December 1, 2018

PDQ - A Fast Casual Concept With Excellent Food

I don't have a problem with the whole fast casual dining experience. Just yesterday I took advantage of the Subway customer appreciation offer for a $2.50 6" veggie sandwich on whole wheat. But there are two fast casuals that I like a whole lot and patronize on a regular basis.

One is Peli Peli Kitchen.
Peli Peli Kitchen

And the other is the PDQ location on the Katy Freeway.
PDQ - Bunker Hill at Katy Freeway

For the price point, both offer excellent value and quality ingredients. PDQ has a larger menu that includes salads, crispy chicken options, and burgers. Out of Florida originally, there are, I believe, four locations here in Houston now. Whomever creates their dishes really understands how flavors go together. And I think their salad offerings are interesting and delicious. I absolutely love the way they play with the protein and veggies in their salads. And as noted on their menu, the sauces are made "in house". And they are good. Highly recommended.

Here follow menu and photos:

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