December 1, 2018

Korean - Korean Fried Chicken in Houston

I have been around town over the past few months, sampling Korean style fried chicken. Most recently, I went to Bonchon on I-10 and also to Lim's which is on Bellaire Boulevard. I liked both but, with a gun to my head, I would absolutely choose Lim's over Bonchon. My choice at Bonchon was the "strips" in soy garlic and I wasn't overwhelmed, due to the very dry white chicken meat at the center. Other spots, my long time favorites, would be Dak and Bop on Binz and also Toreore Chicken and Joy in the Ranch 99 market on Blalock at I-10. In order of preference I would say: Toreore, Dak and Bop, Lim's, as your first forays into "KFC".

I've written about "KFC" on my other blog, The Fried Chicken Blog, and here are some links to home recipes for you:

Korean Fried Chicken Part 1

Korean Fried Chicken Part 2

Korean Fried Chicken Part 3

Most recently, my friend, Cuc Lam met up with me and we sampled Lim's Fried Chicken together. Here is her article on Lim's in the Houston Press:

Cuc Lam - Houston Press - Lim's Fried Chicken

(Me, enjoying some chicken and some Lim's dumplings, which I really like a lot!):

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