December 1, 2018

Cheap Eats Houston - IKEA "Blue Plate Special"

IKEA on I-10 offers a bargain price ($5!) on their lunch plate consisting of Swedish meatballs, a green vegetable and a starch ( mashed potatoes and green beans). What our mom's would have called a "balanced meal" back in the 50's. To this day in the UK, the meat and white/green veggie side is a staple for any home meal. I guess it's true for Sweden too!

But seriously, for a good and inexpensive meal, don't rule out IKEA in Houston. And don't forget that your whole family's meals are free if you purchase a certain amount of furniture on a given trip there.




I had always used the Swedish pronunciation but I've now been beaten down by the masses and I now say 'eye key uh' just  like everyone else here.

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