December 1, 2018

Mexican - Tortillas - Tortilleria Matehuala on Gessner

Because of family friendships in Mexico City, I have been visiting Mexico for about 50 years. In my college days I would drive from Austin to Mexico City. I've explored most of the country though these days, my defaults are CDMX, Puebla and Oaxaca.

I love the food of Mexico. And I love both corn and flour tortillas. Although I am a pretty good cook, I have always been challenged to make an excellent corn tortilla in my home. I prefer buying them fresh, but not at the grocery store as those have too much other stuff in them. Thus, a good tortilleria suits me just fine.

Recently I discovered Tortilleria Matehuala on Gessner, just a little north of Long Point. It is a small, family run operation. Wonderful people. Friendly to the max. 

And I believe they are turning out some of the best corn tortillas in Houston. 

Reasonably priced (currently, about $1 per pound) and offering flour tortillas, corn tortillas, chips, red tortillas for enchiladas and a terrific house made salsa verde.

I love Tortilleria Matehuala.

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