December 1, 2018

"Outside the Loop" - Brunch Breakfast Cafe and The Boardwalk at Towne Lake - on Barker-Cypress

A recent invite to come try the food at Breakfast Brunch Cafe ( Breakfast Brunch Cafe ) introduced me to this new development off of Barker-Cypress Road.

Featuring a small lake and dining venues including the ones shown here. A new development. I had the pleasure of trying chicken and other delights at Breakfast Brunch, and while taking some photos of the little lake,  talking to a couple from New York City about New York pizza. 

Their recommendation for authentic NYC pizza? Brothers Pizzeria on Highway 6 at I-10 ( Brothers Pizzeria). I need to go there as I am not sure whether I just don't like NYC pizza or if I just haven't had a perfectly executed one.

Back to Boardwalk, though. There are several coffee options. Brunch Breakfast carries Boomtown coffee. And their house coffee is a cafe de olla, that is, cinnamon flavored coffee.

There is a 1000 Hills Coffee here (which carries their own brands of coffee). 

There is also a Sub-Zero ice cream place, the ice cream franchise which uses liquid nitrogen to make their ice cream. This results in a very creamy ice cream with tight, very small ice crystals.

Here follow some photos:

The Brunch Breakfast Cafe

Other Places at the Boardwalk

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