December 1, 2018

Pizza - ISO: New York Style Pizza in Houston

Local TV and radio personality, Cleverley Stone, has a Facebook group page called Houston Foodie Friends. With a membership of upwards of 11,000, it is a good option for 'in search of' queries. One can pick up tips and recs for many food related topics.

I've never had New York style pizza in New York. True, I've watched the Diners, Drive-Inns and Dives shows and the random pizza shows on TV and the 'net, but I don't have a baseline knowledge of what would constitute an authentic NYC pizza.

And so, I turned to Houston Foodie Friends before taking on this topic for recommendations.

But first, read this article by Mike Riccetti:
A Brief History of Pizza in America

Brothers Pizzeria at Highway 6 and I-10 came up enough times that I decided that would be the place to go. I remembered someone recently complaining that one couldn't get just a glass of water there...that they would only offer bottled water, so I went prepared with a paper Morningstar coffee cup to pull some water from their soft drinks dispenser.

So far, I have tried RC's Pizza, Rosa's Pizza on S. Mason Road, and Brother's Pizzeria. This blog entry is a work in progress and I will be updating as time goes on.

RC's Pizza

Rosa's Pizza: The young man with whom I talked to told me that his family had immigrated to NYC when he was very young and had moved to Houston around 2003. Their roots are in the NYC style pizza. I watched their Honduran pizzaiolo stretch the dough with gravity, letting it hang off the prep area (what is known as "driving the bus") and then toss it to stretch it and thin it out.

Rosa's Pizza

Brother's Pizzeria: I met a couple from NYC while checking out The Boardwalk at Towne Lake and they felt that the Highway 6 location of Brothers made the most authentic NYC pizza and that I should order it 'extra crispy' for the best representation.

Now, as often happens with Facebook food groups such as Houston Foodie Friends, the same question pops up every couple of months. Recently, there was an exceptionally fun series of comments on NYC style pizza that I wanted to preserve here. I think this discussion pretty much says all that can be said about NYC style pizza in Houston. But feel free to share your recommendations in the comments section.

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